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Whoa! That Red Juice in Your Meat Isn’t Blood

Whoa! That Red Juice in Your Meat Is not Blood


If you’ve ever gagged at the believed of a “bloody” steak, you might want to think about medium-rare a second try. That red liquid is not blood.

Virtually all of the blood is taken out of meat throughout slaughter, according to These days I Identified Out. If that red juice have been blood, even poultry would have that rosy colour.

The red hue comes from a protein known as myoglobin, which assists muscle tissue retailer oxygen, like hemoglobin does in your blood. And like hemoglobin, the iron in myoglobin turns red when it binds with oxygen, providing raw meat that red hue, according to the New York Times. Most mammals have high amounts of myoglobin in their tissue, which is why they’re recognized as “red meat.” Discover what takes place when you give up red meat.

As soon as you throw that fresh steak on the grill, although, the heat alterations myoglobin’s chemical structure, and the food turns from red to brown. When steak is red and accomplished uncommon, it hasn’t lost its moisture. But heat squeezes those juices out, so by the time the meat turns brown, that well-accomplished steak also isn’t as tender.

As it loses its freshness, even uncooked meat will start turning an unappetizing shade of gray-brown when it’s exposed to air. That is why some meat packers treat raw steak with carbon monoxide, which prevents it from interacting with oxygen, according to The Day-to-day Meal. As a result, the meat holds on to that rosy color—and tends to make you a lot more probably to get. Meanwhile, cured meats like hot dogs get a nitric oxide treatment to preserve them searching pink.

So if you turn down uncommon steak to keep away from food poisoning, we commend you—just do not claim your fellow diners are swallowing blood.

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