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The Real Fees of Adoption: What Everyone Needs to Know

The True Expenses of Adoption: What Everybody Needs to Know Do your study Hanna-Kuprevich/ShutterstockMy husband and I spent nearly a year figuring out what adoption agency to use, charges, how long it would take to adopt, and a thousand other details. We spoke to adoption pros, pals who had adopted, …

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Finland Identified a Way to Avoid Childhood Bullying—Here’s How

Finland Found a Way to Avert Childhood Bullying—Here’s How Africa Studio/Shutterstock, Creative Photo Corner/ShutterstockOne particular of the most significant challenges facing today’s students is not multiplication charts or book reports. Believe it or not, it’s bullying. That is right—research shows that about one-fourth to one-third of students report becoming bullied …

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There’s a Scary World wide web Challenge That’s Giving Your Children Harmful Burns

There’s a Scary Net Challenge That’s Providing Your Children Hazardous Burns by means of facebook.comsara.stanley.351Move over, Mannequin Challenge. The “Deodorant Challenge” is sweeping the Internet—and it’s seriously scary (not to mention harmful!). As opposed to the innocent viral fads of the past, the Deodorant Challenge is far riskier. It entails holding …

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Everything You Thought You Knew About Dyslexia Is Almost certainly Incorrect

Everything You Thought You Knew About Dyslexia Is Probably Incorrect Myth #1: It really is a boy issue Image Point Fr/ShutterstockTruth: Boys with dyslexia are a lot more often identified as possessing dyslexia in college, according to Bob Cunningham, EdM, a teacher, evaluator, college administrator, and advisor-in-residence on understanding and focus concerns …

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Busted!—7 Lame Excuses for Not Traveling With Your Little ones

Busted!—7 Lame Excuses for Not Traveling With Your Children It will disrupt our routine greggsphoto/ShutterstockYes, young little ones are slaves to their routines, and most parents have discovered the difficult way that a skipped nap or delayed meal can lead to mayhem. But the crucial to weathering the disruption lies …

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